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Many patients worldwide suffer from chronic diseases for which satisfactory authorized medicines do not exist in their home country. These patients may have exhausted all intensive treatments accessible commercially, or clinical trials providing access to these patients may not be available, or these patients may live in a region where patient access to vital drug is unavailable through commercial route.

With headquarters in Australia, Special Access Pharma help healthcare professionals and patients in India and Singapore to access potentially life-saving drugs that are unlicensed or otherwise not available to them via an established Named Patient Supply Process.

What is named patient supply?

Named patient supply (sometimes referred to as special access scheme; expanded/early access programme and compassionate use programme) is a mechanism that enables specific healthcare professionals, on behalf of their patients, to access unlicensed products or medicines approved or nearing approval in other countries before marketing authorization has been granted in their home country for the treatment of an individual patient. Each country has its own regulations that provide a mechanism to allow access to patients who need these medicinal products. The exact requirements for use vary from country to country. Through Named patient supply, healthcare professionals are able to prescribe medications in an ethical and legal way, providing patients with the best treatments available.

Special Access Pharma supports Named Patient Supply of medicines that:

  • Are approved in one country, but not registered in another;
  • A licensed medicine is available, but is unsuitable for the patient:
  • Are still in clinical trials and have yet to be approved;
  • May never be approved, but still offer value for a small group such as orphan drugs for rare diseases;
  • Have been discontinued and is no longer registered;