Special Access Pharma is a growing specialist company in the management of expanded access of unlicensed medicines in India and Singapore. With the headquarter located in Australia, Special Access Pharma is created by professional executives from the Pharmaceutical industry. Currently, our presence is in Australia, Singapore and India. Through our network, we cater healthcare professionals and patients in India and Singapore to access potentially life-saving drugs that are unavailable to them.

Special Access Pharma is a trustworthy source of genuine products and we work with the healthcare professionals and patients in India and Singapore to ensure the Importation process is undertaken in compliance with the local regulatory requirements.

Our Mission

To enable patient access to life saving and innovative therapies for rare diseases or unmet medical needs on an expedited basis.

Our Business

At Special Access Pharma, we understand the importance of quality products delivered in a timely manner to meet the needs of individual patients.

Every stage of the process of supplying medicine focuses on quality and the highest standard.

To ensure the highest quality, Special Access Pharma sources the products from reputable global suppliers, manufacturers and/or the authorized distributors.

The numerous patients who benefit from our service on day to day basis will be the greatest measure of our success.

As a business, we are proud to be associated with values including Passion, Respect, Accountability, Integrity, and Customer Service Excellence.

We strongly believe in delivering on our promise by serving the customer / patient needs with integrity and trust.